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3 days at the Park

tra terre aspre e remote

In Friuli Venezia Giulia there are magnificent mountains, as beautiful as the most celebrated Alps, although less well known. Indeed, even for the minor human presence, they are more natural and ancient. Three days in the Julian Prealps Natural Park, to better know this special place.

The Butterflies Night

In tropical forests, at night, begin the surprises: unusual animals, mysterious sounds, strange smells. With the help of a flashlight and a specialized guide, we will explore our greenhouses in the dark. Then, outside, we will observe the native moths and listen to their stories.

South Africa Dinner

Tasting the forest 2016

South Africa is a place of extraordinary beauty: unlimited savannas with a great number of animals, burning deserts, towering mountains and kilometers of beaches. Even the kitchen is no exception: a mix of tastes and unforgettable cultures.


The children's festival

The game, for some puppies (including our children) is a natural and fundamental activity: through the game they learn to know themselves and the world around them. A whole day full of games and fun with a particular attention to the natural world.

I sleep with butterflies

(night at the museum)

Play around the campfire among forest animals and stories about nature. Then inside the greenhouses and finally everyone in their own sleeping bags. One night in a special museum, an unforgettable experience for young explorers, with a little bit of fear and fascination.

2 days in Val Alba

nel regno del silenzio

The Natural Reserve of Val Alba occupies nearly 3,000 hectares in the municipality of Moggio Udinese . An ideal habitat for ungulates. This valley also houses the movement corridors of the large carnivores from Slovenia. Two days in a wild world.