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I’d like to be a vet

When we ask our kids "What do you want to be?" many of them answer "a vet". A vocation devoted to animals and their health. A day spent together with a real veterinarian, following and helping him during his visits to his special "patients".

Millipedes, insects & Co.

A day with MIC

The microcosm is not so "micro" as we think. On Earth all insects weigh more than all humans. This day is devoted, as in many other Italian zoos and parks, to the little unknown world of the invertebrates, which have been here a long before us.

CSI Insects

Like in a movie: quite a lot of crimes can be solved thanks to the natural sciences. The scene of a crime will be reconstructed and, together with a true scientist, our kids will discover the culprit. In doing so they will apply the scientific method .

3 days with the bear

nelle foreste della Slovenia

Slovenia has made nature one of the cornerstones of its recent history. In its forests remain the last brown bear populations of southwestern Europe. Three days to meet face to face the largest predator on the continent.

Watch out for aliens!

Which kind of problems arise from the introduction of animals and plants coming from other ecosystems and which type of behavior shall we choose? We will listen to stories and we’ll see strange animals. This day is organized by UIZA (Unione Italiana Zoo e Acquari).

Happy Mother’s day!

How behave mothers in the animal world? And what type of strategies do they use to take care of their puppies? We propose you several themed activities to do with your mom in order to know and discover together the "mothers of the others".