Content creators

Farfalle nella testa (the cooperative that manages the Butterfly House) is not simply a manager, but is also a content creator, specialized in natural sciences, with a particular focus on entomology. We produce scientific dissemination on various channels, on paper as well as in videos on digital channels.

We publish books, which you can find in our shop in Bordano, along with postcards, posters and other souvenir items. They will soon also be available online.


Butterfly House

The complete guide

In a slim color booklet the description of all the species of butterflies that you can find in a butterfly house, with their peculiar characteristics. A tool to recognize them and understand a little more.

la guida completa
farfalle 4 vite


4 lives, 1000 stories

All the photographs and stories from the introductory exhibition (and more). With simple language and exceptional original photos taken in the four corners of the planet.

6-legged jewels

Art by natural selection

The original catalog of the “6-legged jewels” exhibition. Stories of beetles and other insects, which don’t even seem real because of how wonderful and baroque they are. Original images taken and processed especially for this catalog with special techniques.

gioielli a 6 zampe