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Between exotic plants and animals

Here’s what you can see, hear, smell, touch, during your visit to the Butterfly House

Discover the 3 greenhouses

Africa, Asia and the Amazon

More than 1,000 butterfly specimens fly in the 3 greenhouses, which reproduce as many habitats with exotic plants and animals.

The secrets of butterflies

… in the exhibition ‘Butterflies. 4 lives, 1,000 stories’.

A rich introduction to the world of butterflies. The legend of the wing powder … the largest, most colourful and strangest specimens … what they eat, how long they live, how they reproduce …

The wonder of insects

… in the ‘6-legged Jewellery’ exhibition

We bet you won’t believe your eyes? Presented as if they were real jewels, from the four corners of the planet. So strange and so beautiful that it is hard to believe they were not created by a great artist.

Meet amazing butterflies


The ‘Museo delle Farfalle e delle Falene’ is the first Italian museum entirely dedicated to the most beautiful collections of lepidoptera, both Italian and exotic. Each year we will present a part of the collections and tell you how and why to collect butterflies.

The secret language of flowers

… in the ‘PolliNation’ garden

We reveal the language of flowers. Each section of the garden is dedicated to a type of pollinator and its specific flowers. ‘PolliNation’ is a pilot project that promotes a new concept of urban greenery and biodiversity by using plants from our territory and taking care of the aesthetic side.

A memory for life

… in our shop

On the way out of the Butterfly House, there is a large shop with products and souvenirs, all dedicated to butterflies and nature. Over 80% of the products are created from natural or recycled materials. Almost half are produced by us or by local craftsmen.

A bite of nature

… at the ‘Butterfly Kitchen’ kiosks

In two renovated and colourful kiosks, we offer quality products and typical recipes from this area, from Frico to San Daniele ham, from craft beer to wine. We have over 150 covered seats where you can stop and eat

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