Eco&Notes is an itinerant music festival in the name of “low impact” and “reduced volume” music (in the sense of “limited decibels” and as a cosy space, with unusual performances and contained audiences) for the enhancement of sites of natural and anthropic, environmental and cultural biodiversity.

Music (jazz, world music, ethnic, electronic, …) is accompanied, in no particular order and without formal constraints, by photography, videomaking, land-art, food and wine, crafts, storytelling, artistic residencies, workshops … all aimed at the realisation of events for a “sustainable tourism” (“a tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts” – UNWTO 2020).

… with the recovery of local histories and traditions … with a special focus on biodiversity practices, environmental protection, and the enhancement of peripheral and marginal areas, to promote awareness of climate change … with the rediscovery of ancient indigenous flavours and culinary traditions of the territories.

Eco&Notes is a project and format of Slou and Farfalle nella testa, two cooperatives in Friuli that deal with tourism, events, naturalistic and cultural dissemination, and the valorisation of marginal territories.

testata eventi

A series of Eco&Notes events will be organised throughout the season.

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