LakeWays / Trojs dal Lâc is a smartphone application developed by Camping Lago 3 Comuni and Farfalle nella testa.

It is a collection of 9 routes along the territories of the municipalities of Val del Lago (Bordano, Cavazzo Carnico and Trasaghis), around Lake Cavazzo, to be discovered on foot, by bike and by canoe. Along the routes, 90 points of interest are explored, including nature, history, culture, traditions, with the aid of innovative and multimedia technologies.

The application can be downloaded and activated from the Butterfly House or the Camping Lago 3 Comuni. Points of interest are activated simply by approaching them, via Bluetooth LE technology. The application is integrated with Google Maps navigation.


  1. Cycling to find butterflies
  2. Cycling around San Simeone
  3. With children at the Bordano lakes
  4. With the children on the south bank
  5. Walking along the east bank
  6. To reach the Palar
  7. Walking along the west bank
  8. Walking with butterflies
  9. Kayaking around the lake
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