Why is the rose pink and the poppy red? Why does jasmine smell so strong and the carrot flower is unpleasant? With this path we learn to translate the language of flowers, to finally understand why they exist and how they work.

PolliNation is a multi-sensory botanical trail outside the Butterfly House. For the first time, it will be possible to learn the language of flowers by smelling them and observing their shapes and colours. The path is organised in different sections, each dedicated to a type of pollinator. PolliNation is also a pilot project to promote a new conception of urban greenery: promoting the conservation of biodiversity by using plants from our territory, while at the same time taking care of the aesthetic side with blooms present throughout the year.

testata eventi

A series of guided tours of the PolliNation garden at the Butterfly House will be organised during the season on these dates:

  • Sunday 9 June
  • Sunday 11 August
  • Sunday 18 August
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    scientific director