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casaBordano hosts the largest butterfly house in Italy. It consists of 3 large air-conditioned greenhouses (for a total of 1000 square meters), in which animals and plants thrive 3 specific tropical ecosystems:1) the African jungle, 2) the Asian and Australian rainforests, 3) the Amazon. In any greenhouse thousands of butterflies can fly free. They belong to hundreds of different species coming from the tropical countries of the whole planet.


In addition to the greenhouses we set up spectacular exhibitions on themes relating to the development, the sustainability and to the animal and plant strategies.


Spaces dedicated to didactics, a media room, a shop, a coffee bar (open only on public holidays or by appointment) complete our offer.


The Butterfly House is open since 2003 and is owned by the municipality of Bordano. It is managed by the Cooperative “Farfalle nella testa”, which follows independently all aspects, from the scientific project to the outfitting and the communication.


Farfalle nella testa was born in 2013 with the idea of bringing together in a single container different cross professionalism in the field of science, in particular for the naturalistic field . Scientists, researchers, educators, communicators, technicians that for many years are dealing with consulting, design and management for museums, science centers and zoos, have decided to work together for succeeding in bringing a complete, coherent, strong experience to the public. An experience addressed to the stomach, to the heart and to the head.